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State Labour Inspection Office

The Labour Inspection bodies were established by the Labour Inspection Act, which regulates their position as supervisory bodies in the field of the protection of labour-law relations and working conditions, the State Labour Inspection Office and competence of labour inspection bodies, certain rights and obligations of inspectors during inspections, competence to try offences, and sanctions for breaches of the stipulated obligations. The significant supervisory powers of the Labour Inspection bodies are also defined by the Employment Act.

When performing inspections, inspectors in Regional Labour Inspectorates and the State Labour Inspection Office focus on fulfilling the obligations arising from the provision of § 3 of the Labour Inspection Act, i.e. legal regulations from which rights or obligations arise in labour-law relations for employees, the relevant trade union body, employee councils or occupational safety and health representatives, including legal regulations on employee remuneration, compensation for salaries or wages, reimbursement of expenses to employees, legal regulations stipulating working hours and rest periods, and legal regulations for ensuring safety at work and in relation to special technical equipment.

In the area of employment, the inspections focus on the fulfilment of obligations arising from the provision of § 125 of the Employment Act, in particular on the area of the fulfilment of mandatory proportion (of employed persons with disabilities), as well as agency and illegal employment.

The Labour Inspection provides advice to employers and employees in the area of labour relations and conditions, such as the areas of:

  • employee remuneration,
  • working hours and overtime,
  • unequal treatment and discrimination,
  • illegal employment,
  • occupational safety,
  • compliance with employee posting conditions.

The State Labour Inspection Office and Regional Labour Inspectorates are authorized

  • to inspect whether employers observe all obligations arising out of the applicable legal regulations; 
  • to require removal of any defects found during the inspection; 
  • to impose sanctions. 

The State Labour Inspection Office and Regional Labour Inspectorates are not authorized

  • to solve satisfaction problems of individual entitlements of employees towards the employer (e.g. demanding wages / confirmation of employment, solving disputes about invalidity of certain legal acts such as termination by notice, non-recognition of an occupational accident, etc.); 
  • to issue opinions and interpretations on the individual provisions of the labour-law and employment regulations. 

What can be done by an employee if he/she thinks the employer does not observe the labour regulations

  • the employee may take advantage of the consulting days and appear in person at the nearest Regional Labour Inspectorate;
  • the employee may send a query by e-mail; e-mail addresses of our Inspectorates:
    opava@suip.cz (State Labour Inspection Office)
    praha@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for the capital Prague based in Prague)
    stredni.cechy@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for Central Bohemia based in Prague)
    budejovice@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for the South Bohemian Region and Vysočina based in České Budějovice)
    plzen@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for Plzeň Region and Karlovy Vary Region based in Plzeň)
    usti@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for Ústí nad Labem Region and Liberec Region based in Ústí nad Labem)
    hradec@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for Hradec Králové Region and Pardubice Region based in Hradec Králové)
    brno@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for South Moravian Region and Zlín Region based in Brno)
    ostrava@suip.cz (Regional Labour Inspectorate for Moravian-Silesian Region and Olomouc Region based in Ostrava)
  • the employee may ask for an inspection by lodging a complaint

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Communication with labour inspection bodies, including lodging of a complaint, is only possible in Czech and English language.