Safety at Work

Safety at Work

In the field of occupational safety and health (OSH) inspection, the Labour Inspection bodies check compliance with obligations arising from legislation on ensuring safe operation of technical equipment with increased risk to persons’ life and health (Act No. 174/1968 Coll., on State technical supervision over occupational safety, as amended), in the sense of the Act on Labour Inspection and statutory provisions on ensuring safe operation of special technical equipment (STE). 

The OSH inspectors specialise either in:

  • OSH for a specific sector, or
  • a particular type of STE.

Within these broad divisions, inspectors check compliance with legislation and other regulations to ensure occupational safety in the following sectors

  • construction
  • agriculture and food industry
  • transport
  • forestry and wood-processing
  • metallurgy and engineering
  • tertiary sector 
  • inspections of safe work with hazardous chemicals and mixtures

Furthermore, inspection activity is also focused on obligations arising from legislation for ensuring:

  • operation of technical equipment with increased level of risk to life and health
  • safe operation of STE (i.e. electrical, lifting, gas and pressure equipment) 
  • protection of health from harmful effects of addictive substances 

As part of their activities, the OSH inspectors:

  • conduct inspections of investigations of causes and circumstances of occupational accidents (especially fatal occupational accidents, and occupational accidents with hospitalisation exceeding 5 days)
  • provide free-of-charge basic information and advice
  • participate in integrated inspections as per Act No. 224/2015 Coll., on Prevention of Major Accidents.
  • prepare statements on project documentation of buildings for use in the public interest or as workplaces of natural persons and participate in building approval procedures 

Inspections of the OSH management system of employers involved in the Safe Enterprise Scheme are also an integral part of OSH prevention activities ensured by Labour Inspection. The Scheme is based on the National OSH Policy, which, inter alia, requires employers to implement an OSH management system (manuals with instructions available). At an employer's request, the Regional Inspectorate checks compliance of established OSH management system against the requirements laid down by the Scheme. The request has to be supported by the following documents: audit report, completed evaluation questionnaire, and in particular, the opinions issued by the relevant authorities concerning fire protection, public health, environmental protection, and mining authority (where appropriate). The successful employers are awarded the Safe Enterprise certificate.